lördag 14 december 2013

2 Guns

Say the name Michael Bay, and every boy or man between the age of 18 - 45 years of age, get an erection. Really ? Yes, boys and men love big guns, big cars, girls in bikinis. Well, not really, but many of them do, i was just being ironic. Action movies can be fun to watch, if they are well made and have great actors. If there is just action, and no acting, we might have a problem. But hold on, 2 Guns is not directed by Michael Bay ? Nope, this action movie is directed by Baltasar Kormákur, who previously directed Contraband with Mark Wahlberg, and here they work together again in 2 Guns. We also have legendary actor Denzel Washington onboard. This sounds like fun. With a combination tighter than Elton John´s ass, is 2 Guns an action feast, or another violent patriotic movie with less brain and more lame content ?

Robert Trench ( Denzel Washington ) and Michael Stigman ( Mark Wahlberg ) are planning a robbery at a bank. While Michael is sitting down at a café, Robert visits the bank to open a saftey box. He gets a chance to see how security is, and look for other details. Michael tries doing a deal with drug lord Papi Dreco ( Edward James Olmos ), but Dreco stops the deal in the last minute. Robert´s superior Jessup ( Robert John Burke )finds out the mission failed, but Robert decide to keep on going undercover, to assist Michael robbing the bank. While both Robert and Michael cross the mexican border, U.S. Customs stop them for questioning. Turns out Robert is an undercover DEA Agent, trying to get Papi Dreco arrested, if he would have gone through with the cocaine deal. Michael knows nothing about Robert being a DEA Agent, but he also hold a secret. Michael is an undercover Naval Intelligence Officer. His commanding officer, Harold Quince ( James Marsden ) give Michael orders to kill Robert, so the Navy can steal the money from the bank robbery and use them to fund covert operations. But when Robert and Michael find out that 3 million dollars is wrong, and 43 million dollars is the right number, their secret plans are becoming harder to hide.

2 Guns might sound like the typical robbing bank action movie, thankfully the plot is more twisted than i expected. But there are more good news. The chemistry between Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg works very well, and we get some funny scenes as well. We even get Bill Paxton in here, who does a great performance. I like the cinematography as well, director Baltasar Kormákur have a talent for making action movies, without being over the top Michael Bay style. The only problem i have with 2 Guns is that the story is not very original. We could have had something more unpredictable, maybe tried a different perspective with the final results. Still, 2 Guns is a fun ride, and great entertainment with a couple of beers. Let´s see, where did i put my gun ? You never know if Jehovas Witnesses will ring my door bell.

Rating: DDD

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