tisdag 3 december 2013

Ender´s Game

I love sci fi movies, if they have something more than cgi effects and a good storyline. I suppose we could sit here for hours and speak about all the great sci fi movies, like Aliens, Avatar, Pitch Black, Star Trek Into Darkness, and many other great titles. But there is always a chance the final product could have been great, but gives you a sour taste of disappointment. Anyone remember Doom with Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson ? There were alot of rumours going around about the novel Ender´s Game, by author Orson Scott Card, that a movie was being made. This novel is quite old, and i never really read it, so i actually had no idea what this would be about. But then as the production finished, and names like Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley came out, i found myself curious if this could be something i might enjoy. With 2 such great actors onboard, and a classic sci fi novel made into the big screen, is this a feast for sci fi lovers worldwide, or just another dull cgi presentation ?

In the year of 2086, Earth is attacked by aliens called Formicks. Years later, a young cadet named Andrew " Ender " Wiggin ( Asa Butterfield ), is offered a place in Battle Field. Colonel Hyrum Graff ( Harrison Ford ) and Major Gwen Anderson ( Viola Davis ), have watched Andrew how effective he reacts in combat, after beating down a bully named Stillson ( Caleb J. Thaggard ). Ender is the last " launchie " ready for Battle School, and he needs to be trained. The introduction is operated by Sergeant Dap ( Nonso Anozie ), who explain how Battle Field works. As Ender becomes respected among the other teenagers, he finds a game called the Mind Game, a video game made to keep an eye out on what the students are doing. Enders training continue, as he is transfered to Salamander Army. Here he is trained to learn shooting during free time, by Commander Bonzo Madrid ( Moisés Arias ) and Petra Arkanian ( Hailee Steinfeld ). While Ender is about to finish his training, he realise that Battle Field holds more secrets and danger, than he ever could have imagined.

Ok, this is a sci fi movie for teens. As an adult i can´t find much to be very positive about Ender´s Game. Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley ? Sure, but what about the rest ? The teen actors are not all bad, but most of them feel uninspired, as the story tries to go in a more dramatic direction. The special effects are not all bad, i just find Ender´s Game very slow, and sleepy in some moments. Sorry folks, i can´t say i enjoyed this very much. Some scenes looks great, but overall this is a sci fi movie for teens, who loves chemistry, science and Harry Potter books. For the rest of us, we watch Aliens - The Extended Version on Blu Ray, now this is more how a sci fi movie should look like, lots of guns and aliens, Jesus might actually exist after all.

Rating: DD

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