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Thor: The Dark World

I always loved the character Thor in comic books as a child, even if my favourite was The Hulk. In some ways, Thor always seemed more human than many of the comic book heroes, that he had a different view on the world. I have seen cartoons, and the first time Thor did his debut on film in The Incredible Hulk Returns, in 1988. But finally in 2011, we had the pleasure to see Thor in his own big budget box office hit, by director Kenneth Branagh. I really loved the adaption that Kenneth Branagh made, with actor Chris Hemsworth as the lead character Thor. Not only because of great acting, but also because the story between Thor and his brother Loki, played by the great actor Tom Hiddleston. The humour mixed with very well made action sequences worked very well. Chris Hemsworth returned as Thor in the movie adaption of The Avengers, along with Tom Hiddelston. And i have to say, their chemistry on the big screen delivered, as 2 brothers with different priorities. So here we are, the new sequel to Thor, with the same cast as last time. Is it possible that Thor 2 is just as good as last time, or is this another example of another box office hit made just to get cash ?

A long time ago, Bor father of Odin, defeat Dark Elf Malekith ( Christopher Eccleston ) and his army. Malekith planned to destroy the universe with a weapon known as the Aether. Bor safeguards the Aether, so no one can use this deadly weapon. Malekith and his lieutenant Algrim ( Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ) escape with Dark Elves.

Present day. In Asgard, Loki ( Tom Hiddelston ) stands imprisoned for crimes on planet Earth. He still feel Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) does not deserve to be king of Asgard. Thor is ready for a final war, to pacify the Nine Realms following the reconstruction of Bifröst. In London, astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman ) is on a date. But her intern Darcy Lewis ( Kat Dennings ) interrupts this meeting. Dr Jane is getting Readings about something happening in an abandoned factory. The team goes to check these events out. While Dr Jane walks alone in one area, she find herself teleported to another world where she is infected by the Aether. Thor finds out Dr Jane is infected and take her to Asgard, to see if they can remove the Aether, but with no luck. When Jane was infected, this helped Malekith wake up from a long sleep. He ensembles his army, and begin planning an attack on Asgard. They manage to get inside, Asgard as Thor´s mother Frigga ( Rene Russo ) is brutally murdered. Odin ( Anthony Hopkins ) orders Thor not to leave Asgard, but Thor decide to revenge his mothers death, with the help of Loki.

I am happy to say, Thor: The Dark World is another great chapter of the Thor movies. There are so many great details to be happy about. High quality acting, fantastic special effects, a good story line, and we actually get some good laughs along the way. I must confess that Tom Hiddelston is absolutely fantastic as Loki, he have found a great balance in this character of both madness and intelligence. The locations are still majestic and this time you get to see even more of Asgard. Director Alan Taylor have made his own touch on Thor, but still managed to keep some of the great details Kenneth Branagh gave us last time. I suppose you could say Alan tries to show more epic battles, and also more scenery from different worlds, including Svartalfheim. Chris Hemsworth will hopefully play Thor in the future, because they won´t find anyone better to do this character with so much charm. Thor: The Dark World is a feast for comic book fans, geeks, and even action lovers in general, this is a motion picture that can please many different personalities. Maybe i should dress up as Thor at the upcoming Christmas Dinner ? Sounds like a great plan.

Rating: DDDD

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