måndag 9 december 2013

Clear History

Larry David is a brilliant comedian. His tv comedy show Curb Your Enthusiasm have made my bad day, turned over into a much better day. And this is the reason why, he hates life, he thinks everyone are idiots. And this is why i love this show, in every episode everyone hates him, and when he suddenly think he might found happiness, everything goes wrong. In 2009, when he had the leading role in Woody Allen´s motion picture Whatever Works, i fell in love with this story. A jewish man, who thinks everyone are a bunch of morons, with no intelligence at all, meets a younger woman who start to change him. He won´t admit it, but he begin to think that maybe everyone may not be completely bad. Now the most negative man on earth is back, in a new motion picture, with actors like Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton and Danny McBride. Is Clear History another smash hit from Larry David, or is he running out of good material ?

Nathan Flomm ( Larry David ) is a co-founder and head of marketing for a California electric car company run by Will Haney (Jon Hamm ). Will decide to name the electric car " Howard ", as the company agree this is a good idea. But Nathan hates the name, who names a car " Howard " ? Since Nathan won´t agree on this, he quits his job and sells his share. Suddenly when Will´s car idea is selling really good, making him a millionaire, Nathan understand he never should have sold his share. So, he decide to start a new life with a new name, Rolly Davore. Nathan moves to Martha´s Vineyard, where he begin to enjoy himself with good friends. Suddenly he finds out Will Haney is moving there also, into a huge mansion, with his wife Rhonda Haney. Nathan falls in love with Rhonda, after spending time with her, so he start planning revenge on Will. With the help of his friend Frank ( Danny McBride ), they hire local quarry operator Joe Stumpo ( Michael Bolton ) to blow the mansion into pieces. The problem is, Nathan want Rhonda to leave her husband, and still manage to get away with revenge.

There are many situations here, where you will find yourself laughing constantly. Larry David delivers once again another grumpy old man, who hates the world, in such a clever way that only he can do. I will say Whatever Works is a bit better than Clear History, but still this is comedy with many ordinary day events, turned into a complete disaster. Director Greg Mottala, who directed both Superbad and Paul, give us a simple story with so much too say. He even manage to show Kate Hudson´s acting ability again, and that was a long time ago, since we seen that side of her. Michael Keaton is actually funny as the crazy local Joe Stumpo, he is almost a more crazy version of Dr. Emmet in Back To The Furture. If you love dark humour, then you will love Clear History. Comedies on this level does not come very often. I also want to be a grumpy old man, who think everyone are idiots, it looks like so much fun.

Rating: DDDD  

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