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If you told me you have never seen a porn movie, i would know you are lying. Everyone loves sex, at least 98 % of us ( the 2 % are most likely older religious people who think sex is a sin ). I have seen lots of porn, in all kinds of genres. And i enjoy it. Say what ? Yes, you heard me, i like porn. What´s the big deal ? It can be fun to watch sometimes, to spice up things or just to stroke the salami. Either way, sex is great and i am not afraid to say that. When it comes to the older porn movies, Deep Throat is a classic, with Linda Lovelace. It may not have been the greatest porn movie of all time, but this is still a cult movie. I think i might have been 14 years old the first time i watched the movie on VHS, so this was a long time ago, i am 37 years today. The tragic story behind Linda Lovelace is still told today in books, in magazines, and she died in 2002 in a car accident just 53 years old. Lovelace is a movie, based on the story behind Linda Boreman ( her acting name became Linda Lovelace ), how she became a huge star in the porn industry after Deep Throat, and a look inside her personal life. With Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace, is this a worthy tribute to the legendary actress, or is this nothing what we would expect it to be ?

In 1970, in Florida, Linda Borgeman is a young 21 year old girl who accept a volunteer job, as a dancer at a roller rink. She and her best friend Patsy ( Juno Temple ) are discovered by Chuck Traynor ( Peter Sarsgaard, who supply the girls with weed. Linda and Chuck fall in love, and become a couple. Linda´s mother Dorothy Boreman ( Sharon Stone ) is skeptical at first, but when Chuck tells her he was in the army, she feels that this might be a good man for her daughter. Linda´s father John Boreman ( Robert Patrick ) is not sure what to think of Chuck, but tries to be positive. Linda gets married to Chuck and they move in to their own home, to start a new life. Chuck is having economical problems, and need to get more cash fast. But he is arrested, for soliciting prostitution at his night club. 6 months later, Linda bails him out. Chuck need money and find a way to make sure he can make some in a simple way. He sets out a meeting with producers Nat Laurendi ( Eric Roberts ) and Anthony Romano ( Chris Noth ), show them a home made sex film of Linda showing her talents. Both producers want her to star in their new motion picture Deep Throat. So she needs a new name, and they choose Linde Lovelace. When Deep Throat is finished, and is ready for a premiere, rumors spread about this young talented girl. Deep Throat becomes a huge success, and Linda Lovelace becomes a adult video star, who everyone wants. But when her success is at the top, problems in her marriage begin to unfold, and the fact that she wants a different life than this.

This is an interesting story, of an icon that will never die. You could say Linda Lovelace was the 70´s version of Traci Lords, even if they were different women. The acting by Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace is really good, this may be her best performance so far in a motion picture. But there are more people we need to praise, Sharon Stone as her mother Dorothy is really good, and you can barely see it´s her. Peter Sarsgaard, as Chuck, acts out very powerful as an asshole. So far so good. After we get to see behind the scenes of Deep Throat, we suddenly move years ahead, when Linda tries to start a new life. And this is where i feel confused. I would have wanted to know more about her problems, about her terrible marriage. The story jumps ahead too fast, and we don´t get to know all the things we would have wanted to know. But still, Lovelace is a strong drama motion picture, about how vulnerable you can be as a young women, and be controlled by a man who don´t care about your feelings. Even if i would have wanted to know more, and make this 2 hours long instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes, i still feel this is an important movie. The adult industry will never go away, so the best way to deal with this industry, is too support and listen to the women working. Go buy a ticket, Lovelace delivers.

Rating: DDD

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