onsdag 4 december 2013

Big Ass Spider!

A life without B movies would be boring as hell. We need B movies, because they can both give you a good time, and even feel nostalgic. I have seen so many wonderful titles, and different kind of B movies, that most of them are easy to remember. One of my all time favourite ones is The Toxic Avenger from 1985. The full uncut edition is fantastic, with so many classic scenes you can never get tired of watching of watching this one. When it comes to monster movies, there are plenty of them out there, including flesh eating bugs. So how about a spider, in the size of Ron Jeremys manhood, running around eating people, does this sound like the perfect Ullared moment ? Yes indeed, but is Big Ass Spider a new classic B movie, or another failed cheesy production ?

Alex ( Greg Grunberg ) is a insect exterminator, who takes his job very seriously. While helping a customer, he gets bitten by a spider, and goes to the hospital. Here he tries to flirt with one of the nurses with no luck. But at the hospital, an ordinary day is about to change, when a unique spider is out in the morgue, killing hospital workers. Alex is asked to try and kill the spider, until the military is called in. This is no ordinary spider, it grows bigger on every body it feeds on. Ordinary guns does not stop this beast, and while time is running out someone needs to find answers how to take care of this situation.

Big Ass Spider is a blast. I laughed many times, not just because of the fun dialougue, but also because there are many fun scenes here. The special effects are actually not terrible, and that is the biggest surprise. The spider scenes look creepy at some points, until it becomes bigger. The cast does a pretty good job, and we get some fun guest actors in here, like director Lloyd Kaufman, who made so many great Troma Films movies. I really enjoy legendary actor Ray Wise as Major Braxton Tanner, a very hard Major with balls of steel. If you don´t like B movies, Big Ass Spider wont change your mind. But if you do enjoy this genre, give this one a chance. You can Watch Big Ass Spider on VOD ( Video On Demand ), and it will be out in january on dvd. Now excuse me, i just need to turn the flamethrower on, i have a feeling there might be a spider crawling inside the kitchen sink.

Rating: DDD

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