onsdag 25 december 2013

All Is Bright

One of my all time favourite actors is actually Paul Giamatti. He have done some really good motion pictures, have anyone of you seen American Splendor, Sideways, Barney´s Version or Win Win Win ? Well if you have not heard of these titles, i suggest you rent them all. He may not be a typical Hollywood actor, but that´s why i like this man. He feels natural, and take on characters people can relate too, or someone you would want to know more about. By the way, he is really good in John Dies At The End, another one you should check out. All Is Bright is a drama motion picture, directed by Phil Morrison ( who directed the Oscar nominated motion picture Junebug ). Paul Rudd is here also in the cast, who usually can be seen in bigger productions. With a cast of 2 well known actors, and an acclaimed director, does All Is Bright tell an interesting story, or is this a drama for poetic people who loves slow cinematography ?

Dennis ( Paul Giamatti ) is let out of prison. He have no home, no money, and no future plans. He tries going home to his ex girlfriend Therese (  Amy Landecker ), but she does not let him in, He finds out she have lied to their daughter, that he died in cancer. Dennis is furious, and he finds out his best friend Rene ( Paul Rudd ) is together with Therese. He meet Dennis, and ask him desperately for a job. Rene sells christmas trees, so he arrange that Dennis helps him out. They are travelling from Canada to sell christmas trees in New York, but along the way, the problems become more obvious.

If you like speed, fast dialogue and action, All Is Bright is your worst nightmare. On the other hand, if you like good acting, in a story about ordinary people, you might enjoy this one. Paul Giamatti is of course the best actor here, his character Dennis show us a simple man who made some bad choices in life, and now he is trying to do something about the situation. The biggest problem with All Is Bright is that the storyline is not very strong. Some scenes are very slow, so you might get sleepy if you are not interested in what will happen to Dennis. Paul Rudd does an ok performance, but nothing you will remember. Still, even if i see problems, All Is Bright is a warm motion picture with an important message. I also like the fact that they choosed to make this film in a small town in Canada, where they also speak french. This makes the story more interesting. Nothing unique, but still worth watching for those who like Paul Giamatti.

Rating: DDD

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