tisdag 10 december 2013

Wallander - Sorgfågeln

Wallander is one of the biggest, most successful crime drama movie series in Sweden. Germans love them, i still don´t understand why. Ever since Krister Henriksson took over the role from Rolf Lassgård, swedish people did not let the series down. Millions of watchers, many people buy the dvd´s. And here we are, the final Wallander movie with Krister Henriksson. I have tried to watch some of his earlier movies as the Ystad police commissioner Kurt Wallander, and i always left with the question, who can like this ? But let´s go into this final movie with an open mind. Is Wallander Sorgfågeln better than the rest of the series, or is it the same shit i am used to see ?

Restaurant owner Paul Salino ( Per Graffman ) is kidnapped. Police commissioner Kurt Wallander is on the case, to try and find Paul. But as he digs deeper into the case, he finds evidence that might tell a different story, than what he thought could be the truth.

I tried, i really did try and see this last Wallander movie with an open mind. And did it help change my mind ? Fuck no. This is shit, and i still don´t understand why so many swedes love this. If someone can explain what makes Wallander good, go ahead and explain, because i see no reason why i should care. Krister Henriksson still act as bad as always, everyone else act bad, and we are left with a final Wallander movie that still does not change anything. I would not be surprised if they reboot the character again, if they do they better change everything. Wallander - Sorgfågeln is the final Wallander movie with Krister Henriksson, so now i have something to be happy about.

Rating: D

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